Creating beauty means
contemplating the luxury of time

There is a time that belongs to all of us, that we keep in our deepest memories and from which we have inherited the archetypal perfection. A dimension of the intellect from which we inspire our ideals of purity and a remote time that forged rare materials, icons of an uncontaminated nature to which we tend. Raro intends to propose a selection of products in which innovation coexists with memory, in which technology is supported by the human dimension, in which precious materials are enhanced by a quality knowhow handed down by generations of masters.


Enki is a capsule collection of induction chargers made of semi-precious natural materials, available in seven different semi-precious stones that can be combined with three different metal

Enki Color Ed.

Enki Color Edition is the new capsule collection of induction chargers made of mother-of-pearl.
Technological desktop jewels made in 9 different combinations: Natural Pearl with Ivory - Gold - Silver base; Dark Pearl with Ivory - Silver - Gold base; Azure - Green - Red.

Enki Two

Enki Two combines refined semi-precious stones with an anodised aluminium body machined in Italy using state-of-the-art technology. The result is technological jewels of great stage presence, tactile pleasantness and visual elegance, available in five refined metallic tones: Silver, Champagne, Gold, Bronze and Gunmetal.

Induction technology

Induction technology allows fast wireless charging for all enabled devices.
The Raro wireless pad delivers variable power up to 9 W to suit Android and Apple devices offering a broad spectrum of compatibility.