Raro’s Slow Tech model stands out in the development of technological products made of semi-precious natural materials.

Objects that respond to the new needs of a contemporary society that is increasingly symbiotic with digital devices and that at the same time recognises and appreciates the quality of good manufacturing with precious materials made to last over time. With this philosophy Enki induction chargers were born, inspired by the Sumerian divinity of water, knowledge, crafts and creation.

Enki capsule collection, designed by Atelier Design Lab

Joe Gentile and Fabio Crippa have anauthorial approach to design guided by aesthetic sensibility, passion for the material, refinement and formal flair, deep technical culture and international vision. In each project, the search for this immaterial bridgebetween past and present is constant, this desire for continuity of the typically Italian artistic culture contaminated with fashion, with architecture, with cultural influencesfrom all over the world. Thus, through their pencil, the heritage of knowledge, the knowhow that we have proudly preserved since theRenaissance, becomes exclusive design for the most demanding international public.

The product variety allows a very wide range of combinations, intended for an audience that demands exclusiveness and refinement.

The carefully selected materials range from Malachite to Amethyst, from Amazonite to Tiger’s Eye, passing through Sodalite, Red Jasper and iridescent Labradorite. The metallic finishes are obtained from a galvanic bath of gold, silver or gunmetal steel, subsequently hand-polished as in the best jewellery.

Original Obsydian Stones

All Raro products are made in Italy through a controlled production chain that combines advanced electronic components with fine craftsmanship. This Slow Tech model guarantees quality technological products, designed to create value over time.

The Original Obsydian Stone brand guarantees the processing of semi-precious materials according to advanced craftsmanship processes carefully refined over time. The naturalness of the materials, never identical to themselves, makes every Raro product unique and unrepeatable. Some stones have an iridescent effect and produce sensational chromatic variations when the direction of the light changes: for this reason, the colours may differ from the photographic representations and in general they may present visual irregularities linked to the natural and entropic orientation of the minerals within the material, which reflect light unevenly. In the same way, semi-precious materials can present variations of mineralogical composition along the surface, which can therefore give discontinuity or irregularity in some aesthetic aspects.

These characteristics must be considered as a guarantee of the naturalness of the materials rather than imperfections. Appreciating the marvellous variety and the rare inhomogeneities that “the garden of Eden” makes available to us is a fundamental aspect of the Raro philosophy in proposing a Slow Tech model that stands out from the homologation of technological products industrially manufactured.