Technological jewellery

Raro-Milano induction chargers combine state-of-the-art technology with precious natural materials processed in Italy according to techniques and skills handed down by generations of expert craftsmen. Materials and workmanship typical of fine jewellery and manufacturing, with which we now create technological objects dedicated to those who love quality and wish to express their personality also through refined Italian design.

New Glam Colours

In the Italian language, the term Iridescence indicates the surface capacity of a material to reflect light with a high refraction index, i.e. taking on all the chromatic nuances of the rainbow, also known as Iris. This is the inspiration behind the new Enki Color collection: nine 'glam charging pad' combinations that match the unmistakable iridescence of mother-of-pearl with six new lacquers with sparkling metal micro-particles: ivory - silver - gold - azure - green - red.

Induction technology

Induction technology enables fast wireless charging for smartphones and all enabled devices. To start charging, simply place your device on top of the wireless charging pad.
Learn more about charging modes and compatible devices.

Slow-tech: Design, Innovation, Advanced Craftsmanship.

Objects that respond to the new needs of a contemporary society that is increasingly symbiotic with digital devices and that at the same time recognises and appreciates the quality of good workmanship with fine materials made to last. This is the philosophy behind the Enki induction battery chargers, designed by Atelier Design Lab and made from precious natural materials expertly crafted in Italy.This is the Slow-tech model by Raro-Milano.

The mother of pearls

Mother-of-pearl has a similar chemical composition to pearl but a different structure: in pearl, the crystals are spherically oriented, while in mineral mother-of-pearl they are layered in a parallel fashion. Over time, mother-of-pearl has been the material used in the production of jewellery, musical instruments, sacred objects and watches. As its name, Mother of Pearls, suggests, its origin is exquisitely natural and is derived from the careful processing of certain shells of molluscs, especially oysters. Enki Color Edition proposes it as the main material for its fascinating iridescence, capable of capturing light and creating infinite shades of colour.

Enki Color

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